Distances to key sites e.g. Gomba (2 hrs drive from Kampala) Gayaza (30 min drive from Kampala, Seeta, 45 minutes from Kampala)


For more information, please contact

Dr. Wasswa Mathias Luboyera, Tel: 256 772 925 801

E- mail: Lubwass@yahoo.com or siaprom@yahoo.com


Dr. Wasswa Mathias CV

Dr. Wasswa Mathias Luboyera is the first Director and team leader of SIAPROM and is currently handling the day to day operations of the institute to ensure a successful business venture. Dr. Wasswa holds a Master degree in Preventive Veterinary Medicine, has managed Makerere University Farms and attended many international practical courses. He lectures in Universities in various disciplines of animal production including animal nutrition, breeding, pasture agronomy and utilization, dairy, poultry and pig production. He has extended expert consultancy services to many farmers and conducted many short demands driven course geared towards transforming rural communities and empowering farmers. The Director therefore has international exposure and extensive experience in veterinary training, animal production and business management to spearhead SIAPROM to greater heights.